talks at Kansas State (final program)

Date:  Wed, 28 Aug 91 09:51:42 -0500

			Series of Research Talks on
	Functional Programming and Semantics of Programming Languages
                            -- Final Program --

		Department of Computing and Information Sciences
			  Kansas State University
			     Manhattan, Kansas
		      26 August & 2-6 September, 1991

The Computing and Information Sciences Department is sponsoring a
series of informal research talks on functional programming and
semantics of programming languages.  The talks feature speakers from
the Universities of Aarhus and Copenhagen (Denmark), Rennes (France),
Glasgow (Scotland), Nijmegen (the Netherlands), Imperial College
(England), as well as local speakers of various nationalities
(Denmark, France, Germany, India, Korea, Poland, Rumania, and USA).

***** Program of Monday, August 26

2:30-3:15 -- Flemming Nielson (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
"On the Complexity of Static Program Analysis"

3:45-4:30 -- Hanne Riis Nielson (University of Aarhus, Denmark)
"The Tensor Product in Wadler's Strictness Analysis of Lists"

***** Program of Monday, September 2 

10:00-10:45 -- Peter Sestoft (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
"Evaluation Order Analysis for Lazy Data Structures"

11:15-12:00 -- Thomas Jensen (Imperial College, England)
"Abstract Interpretation and Programming Logics"

3:00-3:45 -- Kyung-Goo Doh (Kansas State University)
"Extraction of Strong Typing Laws from Action Semantics Definitions"

4:15-5:00 -- Olivier Danvy (Kansas State University)
"Free Wheeling between Direct and Continuation-Passing Styles"

***** Program of Tuesday, September 3

11:00-11:45 -- Daniel Le Metayer (University of Rennes, France)
"Parallel implementation of functional languages"

12:15-1:00 -- Pascal Fradet (University of Rennes, France)
"Syntactic Detection of Single-Threading using Continuations"

3:30-4:15 -- Cordelia Hall (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
"How to Persuade a Typechecker to do Strictness Analysis"

4:45-5:30 -- Karoline Malmkjaer (Kansas State University)
"On Static Properties of Specialized Programs"

***** Program of Wednesday, September 4

9:00-9:45 -- John O'Donnell, (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
"Calculating Parallel Algorithms"

10:15-11:00 -- Maria Zamfir-Bleyberg (Kansas State University)
"Using And/Or Algebraic Theories in Concurrency"

11:30-12:15 -- David Schmidt (Kansas State University)
"Action Semantics-based Language Design"

***** Program of Thursday, September 5

11:00-11:45 -- Erik Meijer (University of Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
"More Advice on Proving Compilers Correct: Improve Correct Compilers"

12:15-1:00 -- Al Carruth (University of Texas)
"A Temporal Semantics for Functional Programs"

3:30-4:15 -- Juergen Koslowski (Kansas State University)
"Strong Monads -- a Computer Science Motivation to study
Higher Order Category Theory"

4:45-5:30 -- Michael Huth (Kansas State University)
"The Uniform Generation of a Domain Hierarchy from Sets"

***** Program of Friday, September 6

9:00-9:45 -- Prabhaker Mateti (Wright State University)
"Towards Precision Design and Construction of Software"

10:15-11:00 -- Gurdip Singh (Kansas State University)
"Parallel Composition of Distributed Protocols"

11:30-12:15 -- Jan Chomicki (Kansas State University)
"Language Constructs for Schema Restructuring in Heterogenous
Object-Oriented Databases (preliminary report)"

Practical arrangements: The talks will be located at Nichols Hall,
room 127.

Getting to Manhattan: The nearest major airport is Kansas City.  If
you fly USAir, it is possible to extend your ticket with a round-trip
connection between Kansas City and Manhattan for $30 (you are advised
to get your boarding pass on the first check-in).  Otherwise, the
connection costs around $100.  Two companies (Travellers Express and
RoadRunner) offer minibus shuttle service between Kansas City
International airport (gate 51 + pickup at all the terminals) and any
place in Manhattan for around $30 each way ($50 for a round trip).

Lodging: There are several hotels to serve you.  Ramada Inn
(913-539-7531) (across the street from the university), Holiday Inn
(913-539-5311), Days Inn (913-539-5391), and the Best Western

There is no registration fee and there will be no proceedings.  If you
would like to give a talk, please contact David Schmidt
(schmidt@cis.ksu.edu) and Olivier Danvy (danvy@cis.ksu.edu) at the
Department for Computing and Information Sciences, Kansas State
University, Manhattan, KS 66506, USA.  Phone number: (913) 532-6352.
Fax number: (913) 532-7353.  E-mail contact is preferred.