Online bibliography for Information and Computation

A bibliography for the journal Information and Computation (formerly
Information and Control) covering the years 1982--present is now available
via anonymous ftp and mail server from theory.lcs.mit.edu (
The file is in BibTeX format and is in the file ftp/pub/meyer/iandc.bib.

To retrieve the file via ftp, connect to theory using "anonymous" as the
login name and "guest" as the password.

To retrieve the file via mail server, send a message to the address
archive-server@theory.lcs.mit.edu with the following line in the body:

        send meyer iandc.bib

An index of other files can be retrieved with the command

        send meyer Index

More information on the archive-server can be obtained by sending a
message with only the word "help" in the body.

David M. Jones
Editorial Assistant
Information and Computation