CTCS 91, Last announcement

Date: Fri, 2 Aug 91 23:41:47 +0200

                       FOURTH BIENNAL CONFERENCE ON
                           3-6  September 1991


The Fourth of the Biennal Summer Conferences on Category Theory and
Computer Science will be held in Paris (France).

The main purpose of these conferences is to link research in category
theory with computer science.  The importance of categories in
understanding basic issues in computer science is now well established.
Other structures in logic, algebra and topology are also seen as
fundamental and the scope of the conference is to cover
applications of these structures as well.
Proceedings are published in the Springer LNCS series.

                    Organising and Program Committee
Samson Abramsky, Pierre-Louis Curien, Peter Dybjer, Giuseppe Longo,
John Mitchell, David Pitt, Andrew Pitts, Axel Poigne', David Rydeheard,
Don Sannella, Eric Wagner.

                INVITED SPEAKERS
   Albert Burroni
   Eugenio Moggi
   Thierry Coquand
   Ugo Montanari
   Peter  Freyd
   Robert  Tennent

Local Arrangements Office

45, rue dUlm
75230 Paris Cedex 05

Tel : (33) (1) 43 29 12 25 ext. 3279
Fax : (33) (1)  46 34 05 31
Email: butery@dmi.ens.fr
Person in charge:  Chantal Butery

Sponsorship: MRT (Ministe`re de la recherche et de la technologie),
CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique),
MEN (Ministe`re de l'e'ducation nationale).

Location: The  conference will take place at:
                FIAP  Jean Monnet
                30, rue Cabanis
                75014 Paris
                (Me'tro station : Glacie`re)

Accommodation, breakfast and self facilities for lunch or dinner
will be provided by FIAP and are included in the registration fees
(as well as a conference dinner).

Accommodation : On the basis of students prices, the FIAP arranged for
CTCS participants the possibility of booking double rooms to be shared
or single rooms (in a limited number).  Both types of rooms are provided
with private shower, wash-basin, toilets and telephone.

Other events : There will be a conference dinner.  FIAP can also provide
information on touristic or cultural activities in Paris and Paris area.

Accommodation :Please fill and return your registration form to the
Local Arrangements Office (CAIMENS/ENS), accompanied with a cheque of
the corresponding amount in French Francs payable at CAIMENS.
If you find it easier, you can also make a bank transfer to CAIMENS :

Bank name and address : Socie'te' Ge'ne'rale
37, rue Gay-Lussac, 75005  Paris.
Account number: 00037266208

with the reference CTCS, and making sure that your name will appear
clearly.  Acknowledgment will be dispatched in due time.

C.T.C.S - 91  Registration Form

Please complete and return this Registration Form(or a copy of it)
before July 19th  to
C.A.I.M.E.N.S -  45, rue dUlm - 75005 Paris - France .

One Form per participant is requested.  Enclose your payment of the
corresponding amount by cheque in french francs, (or join a copy of your
bank transfer) payable to C.A.I.M.E.N.S.

NAME _________________________________
Surname  (M / F)__________________________
Address :   ______________________________
Organisation (or Private)
Country   _______________________________
E-mail __________________________________
Arrival date ________ Departure date :__________

Extension of accommodation cannot be guaranteed before and
after  the end of the conference).

To be registered at the Conference, you have to pay the general
fees for an amount of 1000,- (ff) (proceedings and conference dinner
included) and
ADD accommodation expenses:

Monday 2nd untill Thursday 5th  = 4 nights
including breakfast and self for  lunch or dinner

Single room (limited  number) :            1100,- (ff)
Double room *:                             800,- (ff)

Total amount :

 * Preferably  to be shared with;   Name, surname:

                  C.T.C.S.  -   91    P R O G R A M M E

        Tuesday   (September 3rd)

9:30  -  10:30   P.  Freyd, invited  talk
10:30  -  11:00 Coffee / Tea Break
11:00  -   11:40 T. Ehrhard & P.Malacaria, Stone  Duality
for Stable Functions
11:40  -   12:20 R. Amadio, Bifinite Domains:  Stable Case


14:00  - 15:00  R. Tennent ,  invited talk
15:00  -  1540  A. Edalat & M. Smyth, Categories of
Information Systems
15:40  - 16:10  Coffee / Tea Break
16:10 - 16:50   R. Hoofman &  H.Schellinx,Collapsing
Graph Models by Preorders
16:50 - 17:30   P.  O'Hearn, Linear Logic and
Interference Control

        Wednesday   (September 4th)

9:30 - 10:30    A. Burroni, Invited talk
10:30 - 11:00   Coffee / Tea Break
11:00  - 11:40  S. Hirokawa, BCK-formulas
Having Unique Proofs
11:40 -  12:20  R. Blute, Proof Nets
and  Coherence Theorems


Afternoon    free
Conference   Dinner

        Thursday  (September 5th)
9:30   - 10:30  E. Moggi, Invited  talk
10:30 -  11:00  Coffee / Tea Break
11:00  -  11:40 G. Jarzembski, Programs in Partials Algebras
- a  Categorical Approach
11:40  - 12:20  B. Jay, Tail Recursion
>from  Universal  Invariants


14:00  -  15:00 T. Coquand, Invited  talk
15:00  -  15:40 D. Pavlovic, Constructions and  Predicates
15:40  -  16:10 Coffee / Tea Break
16:10  -  16:50 B. Jacobs, E.  Moggi  & T.Streicher,  Relating
Models of Impredicative Type Theories
16:50  -  17:30 W.  Phoa, Set-theoretic Polymorphism after Robinson

        Friday  (September 6th)

 9:30  -  10:30 U.  Montanari, Invited  talk
10:30  -  11:00 Coffee / Tea Break
11:00   -  11:40 E. Stark,  Dataflow Networks are Fibrations
11:40  -  12:20 P. Degano,S. Kasangian  &  S.Vigna Applications
of the Calculus of Trees to Process Description Languages