LICS'92 Preliminary Call

                   Seventh Annual IEEE Symposium on
                      LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE
              June 22--25, 1992, Santa Cruz, California

                     PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS

The LICS Symposium aims for wide coverage of theoretical and practical
issues in computer science that relate to logic in a broad sense,
including algebraic, categorical and topological approaches.

Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest include: abstract data
types, automated deduction, concurrency, constructive mathematics, data
base theory, finite model theory, knowledge representation, lambda and
combinatory calculi, logical aspects of computational complexity, logics
in artificial intelligence, logic programming, modal and temporal logics,
program logic and semantics, rewrite rules, software specification, type
systems, verification.

Prof. Andre Scedrov
Inst. for Research in Cognitive Sci.
University of Pennsylvania 
3401 Walnut Street, Suite 400C 
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228  USA
FAX (215) 573 2048 (Attn: LICS)

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: E. B"orger, U. Pisa; R. Cleaveland, North Carolina
State; S. Cook, U. Toronto; N. Dershowitz, U. Illinois; J.-Y. Girard,
U. Paris 7; R. van Glabbeek, Stanford; S. Hayashi, Ryukoku U.;
J. Hughes, U.  Glasgow; N. Jones, U. Copenhagen; J.-L. Lassez, IBM
Watson; E. Moggi, U. Genoa; A. Nerode, Cornell U.; F. Pereira, AT&T
Bell Labs; A. Scedrov (Chair), U. Pennsylvania; D. Scott, CMU;
A. Tarlecki, Inst. C.S., PAN Warsaw; M. Vardi, IBM Almaden.

Prof. Phokion Kolaitis			Prof. Albert R. Meyer   
Computer and Information Sciences	MIT Lab. for Computer Sc
Univ. of California, Santa Cruz 	NE43-315                
Santa Cruz, CA 95064  USA		545 Technology Square   
kolaitis@saturn.ucsc.edu		Cambridge, MA 02139  USA

PAPER SUBMISSION: Seven (7) hard copies of a detailed abstract -- not a
full paper -- should be RECEIVED by DECEMBER 9, 1991 by the Program Chair
(Attn: LICS).  In addition, an electronic version of the cover page in
plain ASCII format should be received at lics92@cis.upenn.edu, also by
December 9, 1991. Authors without access to email should send a hard copy
of the cover page.  Authors without access to reproduction facilities may
submit a single copy of their abstract.  Authors will be NOTIFIED of
acceptance or rejection by FEBRUARY 3, 1992.  Accepted papers in the
specified format for the symposium proceedings will be due APRIL 7, 1992.

The COVER PAGE of the submission should include the title, authors, a
brief synopsis, and the corresponding author's name, address, phone
number, FAX number, and email address if available.  Abstracts must be
in English, clearly written, and provide sufficient detail to allow
the program committee to assess the merits of the paper.  References
and comparisons with related work should be included.  Abstracts of
fewer than 1500 words are rarely adequate, but the total abstract,
including references, should not exceed 4000 WORDS.  The results must
be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere, including
proceedings of other symposia or workshops.  Late abstracts, or those
departing significantly from these guidelines, run a high risk of

The symposium is sponsored by the IEEE Technical Committee on Mathematical
Foundations of Computing in cooperation with the Association for Symbolic
Logic and the European Association of Theoretical Computer Science.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: M. Abadi, J. Barwise, M. Blum, A. Chandra,
R. Constable (Chair Elect), E. Engeler, J. Gallier, J. Goguen,
Y. Gurevich, S. Hayashi, D. Johnson, G. Kahn, J.W. Klop,
P. Kolaitis, D.  Kozen, D.  Leivant, Z. Manna, A. Meyer (Chair),
G. Mints, J. Mitchell, Y. Moschovakis, R. Parikh, G. Plotkin,
G. Rozenberg, A. Scedrov, D. Scott, J. Tiuryn, R. de Vrijer

For further announcements, contact the

Prof. Daniel Leivant
School of Computer Science
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA