LFCS'92: Logic at Tver, 7/20-24/92

                           CALL FOR PAPERS
                        LFCS'92: LOGIC AT TVER

         Symposium on Logical Foundations of Computer Science
                     Tver University, Tver, USSR
                          July 20--24, 1992

LFCS'92: "Logic at Tver" is the second symposium in a series which
began with "Logic at Botik", Pereslavl-Zalessky, USSR, 1989.  Tver
(formerly Kalinin) is an historic Russian town on the banks of the
Volga, 170 km from Moscow.

The scope of the symposia is intended to be broad.  Suggested, but not
exclusive, topics of interest include: complexity of formal systems;
constructive mathematics in computer science; denotational semantics
of programs; descriptive complexity; dynamic logic; concurrent and
distributed computational models; foundations of logic programming;
generalized computability; lambda and combinatory calculi; logical
foundations of database theory; logics for knowledge; modal and
temporal logics; program verification; teaching computer science and
logic; type theory in programming.

       GENERAL CHAIR:                  PROGRAM CHAIR:
       M.A. Taitslin                   A. Nerode, Director
       Tver University                 Mathematical Science Inst.
       33 Zhelyabova Str.              Cornell University
       Tver 170013, USSR               Ithaca, NY 14853 USA
       telex: 412556 GELIJ SU          nerode@msiadmin.cit.cornell.edu
                                       phone: (607) 255 8005
                                       fax: (607) 255 7149

                          PROGRAM COMMITTEE

S.N. Artemov, Steklov, Moscow           R. Parikh, City U. New York
J.M. Barzdins, Riga                     A.A. Razborov,  Steklov, Moscow
E. Engeler, ETH, Zurich                 D.T. Sannella, Edinburgh
Yu. Gurevich, Michigan                  A. Scedrov, Pennsylvania
J.-L. Lassez, IBM Watson                A.L. Semionov, Moscow
V.W. Marek, Kentucky                    R.I. Soare, Chicago
Yu.V. Matijasevich, Steklov, Leningrad  A.P. Stolboushkin, Pereslavl-Zalessky
G.E. Mints, Tallinn                     M.A. Taitslin, Tver
V.A. Nepomniaschy, Novosibirsk          J. Tiuryn, Warsaw
A. Nerode, Cornell                      F.W. Vaandrager, MIT

Proceedings published in Springer-Verlag's Lecture Notes in Computer
Science will be available at the symposium.

PAPER SUBMISSION: Submissions should consist of two copies each of a
cover page and detailed abstract -- not a full paper -- and must be
received by DECEMBER 2, 1991.  Email submission of the cover page in
plain ASCII format only to marek@ms.uky.edu is encouraged in lieu of
hard copy.  Contact Marek regarding possible email submission of the
full detailed abstract in LaTeX or similar format.  Authors will be
notified about acceptance by FEBRUARY 3, 1992.  Final camera-ready
papers must be received by MARCH 16, 1992.

The cover page should include the title, authors, a one paragraph
summary, and the corresponding author's name, address, email address,
phone, fax, and telex numbers if available.  All submissions must be
IN ENGLISH, written clearly and in sufficient detail to allow the
program committee to assess the merits of the work.  References and
comparisons with related work should be included.  Detailed abstracts
of fewer than 1500 words are rarely adequate, but the complete
abstract, including references, should not exceed 3000 WORDS. Material
submitted to LFCS'92 should be unpublished and not submitted for
publication elsewhere, including journals or other symposia; apply to
the Program Chair upon submission for relaxation of this policy.

Submissions may be sent to either address below.  Authors outside the
USSR are encouraged to use the USA address.

Dr. I.Kh. Musikaev, LFCS'92         Prof. V.W. Marek
Tver University                     Dept. of Computer Science
33 Zhelyabova Str.                  University of Kentucky
Tver 170013 USSR                    Lexington, KY 40506 USA
			            fax: (606) 257 4078
			            phone: (606) 257 3496

                         ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

D.A. Arkhangelsky, Tver             I.Kh. Musikaev, Tver
D.O. Daderkin, Tver                 A. Nerode, Cornell
A.J. Kfoury, Boston                 A.B. Shkvorov, Tver
A.I. Korneev, Tver                  A.O. Slissenko, Academy, Leningrad
V.A. Kotov, Novosibirsk             A.P. Stolboushkin, Pereslavl-Zalessky
V. Kreinovich, El Paso              M.A. Taitslin, Tver
A.N. Kudinov, Tver                  P. Urzyczyn, Warsaw
A.R. Meyer, MIT

                          CONFERENCE MANAGER
			  A.P. Stolboushkin
			  USSR Acad. Sci., Program Systems Inst.
			  Pereslavl-Zalessky  152140, USSR
			  telex: 412531 BOAT SU