Constructivity Symposium

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Announcing a Summer Symposium ...


                        June 19-22, 1991
                       San Antonio, Texas

                          Sponsored by
                       Trinity University
                   The University of Chicago
               The Association for Symbolic Logic

Top-Down Agenda:

     Wednesday, June 19                          Friday, June 21
       11 AM - 5 PM   Registration                 7 AM - 8 AM   Breakfast
       4 PM           Welcome                      8 AM - noon   Paper Sessions
       4:15 -  6 PM   Paper Session                noon - 1 PM   Lunch
       6:30 PM        Reception and dinner         1 PM - 5 PM   Paper Sessions
                                                   6:30 PM  Reception & Banquet

     Thursday, June 20                           Saturday, June 22
       7 AM - 8 AM    Breakfast                    7 AM - 8 AM   Breakfast
       8 AM - noon    Paper Sessions               8 AM - noon   Paper Sessons
       noon - 1 PM    Lunch                        noon          Closing
       1 PM - 5 PM    Paper Sessions

The following have been accepted for presentation in the final program:

"Extracting Computational Content from Constructive and Classical Proofs,"
   R.L. Constable (Cornell).
"Constructive Topology and Combinatorics,"
   T. Coquand (Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola).
"Development Transformation Based on Higher Order Type Theory,"
   Lu Jianguo & Xu Jiafu (Nanjing).
"Constructivity Issues in Graph Algorithms,"
   M. Langston (Tennessee) & M.R. Fellows (Victoria).
"Kripke Semantics for Dependent Type Theory and Realizability,"
   J. Lipton (Pennsylvania).
"Classic Proofs as Programs: How, What, and Why,"
   C. Murthy (Cornell).
"Computational Logic,"
   M. Napierala (Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology).
"Connecting Formal Semantics to Constructive Intuitions,"
   M.J. O'Donnell (Chicago).
"Reflective Semantics of Constructive Type Theory,"
   S. Smith (Johns Hopkins).
"Axiomatization of Calculus of Constructions,"
   Yong Sun (York).
"A Logical View of Assignments,"
   V. Swarup (Mitre) & U.S. Reddy (Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).
"Are Subsets Necessary in Martin-Lof Type Theory?"
   S. Thompson (Kent at Canterbury).
"Examples of Semicomputable Sets of Real and Complex Numbers,"
   J.V. Tucker (Swansea) & J.I. Zucker (McMaster).
"Some Properties and Applications of the Lawson Topology,"
   S. Yoccoz (Bordeaux).

Three papers will constitute an additional  "Curriculum Session":

"Bringing Mathematics Education into the Algorithmic Age,"
   N. Greenleaf (Columbia).
"The Type Structure of CAT,"
   R.E. Prather & J.P. Myers, Jr. (Trinity).
"A Simple and Powerful Approach for Studying Constructivity, Computability,
   and Complexity,"  K. Weihrauch (Fernuniversitaet).


     Registration                   $100
     Housing & Meals
       One person (double occ.)     $150 OR
       One person (single occ.)     $180
     Lodging, Sat. night            $ 15

  The symposium is "residential" to promote informal contacts.  For someone
  not residing on-campus, a meal package is available for $45.


     J. Paul Myers, Jr.
     Department of Computer Science         PHONE:  (512)736-7398
     Trinity University                     E-MAIL (BITNET):
     San Antonio, Texas  78209                      pmyers AT trinity

J. Paul Myers, Jr.                        Department of Computer Science
Trinity University                                     715 Stadium Drive
San Antonio, Texas 78212                                  (512) 736-7398