LICS'91 Registration

                         LICS '91 REGISTRATION
                              AND PROGRAM
                     Sixth Annual IEEE Symposium on 
                   LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (LICS '91)
			    July 15-18, 1991
		Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

   Sponsored by the IEEETC on Mathematical Foundations of Computing, CWI
   Amsterdam, and the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, in cooperation with the
   Association for Computing Machinery--SIGACT, the Association for Symbolic
   Logic, and the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science.

[We apologize if you receive a bothersome number of copies of LICS
announcements. We are trying to coordinate our broadcasts among the
multiple mail lists and newsgroups reaching the LICS community, but these
efforts may not be effective for a while.]

Register and reserve hotel rooms by sending the completed form below by
	  lics91@cwi.nl <LICS'91 Secretariat>
or by REGULAR MAIL to:
          LICS'91 Secretariat
          c/o CWI
          Kruislaan 413
          P.O. Box 4079
          1009 AB Amsterdam
          The Netherlands

          Phones:  (country 31)(city 20) 592 4171,  592 4058
          Fax:     (31) (20) 592 4199
          Telex:   12571 matctr.nl
Note, however, that no registration or reservation will be effective

Participants may register at the Sunday reception, and then at the 
conference site in the Free University, 8:00-17:00 Monday and 9:00-17:00 
through Wednesday.  The conference brochure with some additional 
information will be mailed upon request by the Conference Secretariat.
The postscript source of the conference brochure is available by anonymous 
ftp in file lics91.ps in the directory  /usr/lics/public on  

Registration fee covers attendance in all sessions, a copy of the
proceedings, lunches, refreshments, receptions, and the conference banquet.
		    through June 10 	  from June 11
Regular		    NLG 475 ($ 270) 	NLG 610 ($ 350)
Member/Author	    NLG 375 ($ 215)     NLG 480 ($ 275)
Student     	    NLG 200 ($ 115)     NLG 245 ($ 140)
Companion           NLG 150 ($ 85)      NLG 175 ($ 100)

The reduced member/author rate applies to authors of accepted papers, 
members of a sponsoring organization, members of institutional sponsors,
and members of the organizing and program committees.
The student rate applies to full time students, including PhD students and 
Dutch AIO's and OIO's.  Full participation and privileges are extended to 
registrants paying reduced rates.  The companion rate covers the social events 
only (two receptions and banquet).

The LICS organizers have limited funds available for support of attendees
unable to obtain travel grants. Persons desiring such subsidy should contact 
the Conference Secretariat, indicating their circumstances and the amount of 
subsidy desired.

The Conference Secretariat will collect requests for hotel reservations, 
which will be handled by the Netherlands Reservation Center.
Rooms are available in three categories,
as follows (all prices are per night, in Dutch Guilders):

Category        Single Room               Double Room 
  A          130-200 ($ 75-115)        150-250 ($ 85-145)
  B           90-120 ($ 52-69)         100-150 ($ 57-86) 
  C           60-90  ($ 35-52)          80-120 ($ 46-69)

Sharing a double room is the registrant's responsibility: no matching
service will be provided.  Reservation will be made and confirmation sent
only upon receipt of a deposit of NLG 200 ($ 115).  Reservation requests
received after June 1 will be accepted but cannot be guaranteed.  Please
mention special hotel reservation wishes, such as location in city center
or babysitting service, on your reservation form.  No campus accommodations 
will be available. Amsterdam's public transportation network (tram, bus, 
train, subway) is dense and efficient, allowing easy access to the conference 
location and events from most city areas.  The conference organizers will 
attempt to provide transportation when appropriate.

All payments, net of all charges, are preferred in Dutch Guilders (NLG) 
and can be made by either 
	*   banker's draft (bank check), made payable to  
	    Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, and mailed to the 
	    LICS'91 secretariat; or 
	*   money transfer to account # of Stichting 
	    Mathematisch Centrum at the AMRO Bank Amsterdam,
	    or to postal giro 462890 of Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, 
	    Amsterdam. (Make sure that "LICS'91" and your name are mentioned!).
Personal and company checks cannot be accepted.  Payments in U.S. dollars 
will be accepted, but transfer costs (plus a rate adjustment if the US$ 
drops significantly against the NLG) will be withheld from the hotel deposit.

Travel information will be sent with acknowledgment of registration.
There are no flight discounts for conference attendees.

SUNDAY WELCOME AND REGISTRATION.  On July 14 there will be a welcome 
reception from 19:00 to 22:00, at the Grand Cafe Waterloo.
The Waterloo is on the Opera and City Hall complex, at Zwanenburgwal 15.

reception by the City Mayor and Aldermen in the  Stedelijk Museum,
>from 18:00 to 19:30.  A light dinner buffet will be served.
Following the reception, N.G. de Bruijn will deliver an invited lecture 
at the Lutheran Church historic building, from 20:00 to 21:00.

TUESDAY BUSINESS MEETING.  On July 16, following the scientific program, 
a business meeting open to all registrants, with refreshments, will take
place at the Free University, from 17:30 till about 19:00.

WEDNESDAY BANQUET.  A Conference Banquet will take place on July 17 
at the Dutch Maritime Museum, preceded by an aperitif on board
the tallship  Amsterdam.

Last Name:
First Name:
Street Address:
Companion(s) registering to social events:
Special requests:
Reason for reduced rate:
	Full-time student at:
	Member of the following sponsor organization:

Category (A / B / C):
Room (single / double):
Arrival time:
Departure time:
Special requests:

Total amount (Registration + Hotel Deposit!):
Payment method:
	[  ]  Banker's Draft sent separately
	[  ]  Money transfer
	[  ]  Banker's Draft enclosed 

Check if appropriate:
I request that my mailing address NOT appear in the following lists:
	[  ]  Non-society mailings      [  ]  LICS'91 attendees

All talks at the Vrije Universiteit main building's Aula

SUNDAY, July 14
WELCOME RECEPTION  (19:00--22:00)

MONDAY, July 15
SESSION 1.  9:30--10:45.  Chair: Giuseppe Longo (LIENS, Paris)
 9:30  A Foundational Delineation of Computational Feasibility,
	Daniel Leivant (Carnegie Mellon)
 9:55  Toward a Semantics for the QUEST Language,
	Fabio Alessi and Franco Barbanera (Turin)
10:20  Term Declaration Logic and Generalised Composita,
	Peter Aczel (Manchester)

SESSION 2.  11:15-12:55. Chair: Samson Abramsky (Imperial College)
11:15  Logic Programming in a Fragment of Intuitionistic Linear Logic,
	Joshua Hodas (U Penn) and Dale Miller (Edinburgh)
11:40  Games Semantics for Linear Logic,
	Yves Lafont (LIENS Paris) and Thomas Streicher (Passau)
12:05  Linearizing Intuitionistic Implication,
	Patrick Lincoln (Stanford), Andre Scedrov (U Penn), 
	and Natarajan Shankar (SRI)
12:30  Some results on the Interpretation of Lambda Calculus in 
       Operator Algebras,
	Pasquale Malacaria (Turin) and Laurent Regnier (Paris VII)

SESSION 3.  14:15-15:30. Chair: Val Breazu-Tannen (U Penn)
14:15  Unification and Anti-Unification in the Calculus of Constructions,
	Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon)
14:40  Partial Objects in the Calculus of Constructions,
	Philippe Audebaud  (Bordeaux)
15:05  An Evaluation Semantics for Classical Proofs,
	Chetan Murthy (Cornell)

SESSION 4.  16:00-17:15.  Chair: Bernhard Steffen (Aachen)
16:00  A Theory of Testing for Real-Time,
	Rance Cleaveland (North Carolina State) and Amy Zwarico (Johns Hopkins)
16:25  Complexity Bounds of Hoare-style Proof Systems,
	Hardi Hungar (Oldenburg)
16:50  Semantics of Pointers, Referencing and Dereferencing 
       with Intensional Logic,
	Hin-Kai Hung (AGS Information Services) and Jeffery Zucker (McMaster)

RECEPTION  (18:00-19:30) light dinner buffet (at the Stedelijk Museum)

EVENING LECTURE  (20:00-21:00)     N.G. de Bruijn:  Can People Think?
  		(at the Lutheran Church historic building)

TUESDAY, July 16
SESSION 5.  9:30-10:45.  Chair: Pierre-Louis Curien (LIENS Paris)
 9:30  Sequentiality and Strong Stability,
	Antonio Bucciarelli (Pisa and LIENS Paris) and Thomas Ehrard (Paris 7)
 9:55  Parallel PCF has a Unique Extensional Model,
	Allen Stoughton (Sussex)
10:20  The Fixed Point Property in Synthetic Domain Theory,
	Paul Taylor (Imperial College)

SESSION 6.  11:15-12:55.  Chair: Robert Constable (Cornell)
11:15  INVITED TALK: Thierry Coquand (Goteborg)
12:05  On Computational Open-Endedness in Martin-Lof Type Theory,
	Douglas Howe (Cornell)
12:30  Predicative Type Universes and Primitive Recursion,
	Nax-Paul Mendler (Manchester)

SESSION 7.  14:15-15:30.  Chair: Simona Ronchi Della Rocca (Turin)
14:15  Freyd's Hierarchy of Combinator Monoids,
	Rick Statman (Carnegie Mellon)
14:40  Equational Programming in Lambda Calculus,
	Enrico Tronci (Carnegie Mellon)
15:05  An Inverse of the Evaluation Functional for Typed Lambda Calculus,
	Ulrich Berger and Helmut Schwichtenberg (U. of Munich)

SESSION 8.  16:00-17:15.  Chair: Serge Abiteboul (INRIA)
16:00  A Completeness Theorem for Kleene Algebras and the Algebra 
       of Regular Events,
	Dexter Kozen (Cornell)
16:25  On First Order Database Query Languages,
	Arnon Avron and Joram Hirshfeld (Tel Aviv)
16:50  Specifying and Proving Serializability in Temporal Logic,
	Doron Peled and Shmuel Katz (Technion) and Amir Pnueli (Weizmann)

BUSINESS MEETING  (17:30-19:00)

SESSION 9.  9:30-10:45.  Chair: Jan Bergstra (University of Amsterdam)
 9:30  CCS with Priority Choice,
	Juanito Camilleri (Cambridge) and Glynn Winskel (Aarhus)
 9:55  Rabin Measures and their applications to Fairness and Automata Theory,
	Nils Klarlund (IBM) and Dexter Kozen (Cornell)
10:20  Specification and Refinement of Probabilistic Processes,
	Bengt Jonsson (Swedish Inst. for CS) and Kim Larsen (Aalborg)

SESSION 10.  11:15-12:55.  Chair: Ehud Shapiro (Weizmann Inst.)
	Jeff Paris (Manchester): Modelling Belief.
12:05  On the 0-1 Law for the Class of Existential Second-Order,
       Minimal Godel Sentences with Equality
	Leszek Pacholski and Wieslaw Szwast (IM PAN Wroclaw)
12:30  On the Deduction Rule and the Number of Proof Lines,
	Maria Luisa Bonet (Berkeley) and Samuel R. Buss (UC San Diego) 

SESSION 11.  14:15-15.55.  Chair: Krzysztof Apt (CWI Amsterdam)
14:15  Logic Programs as Types for Logic Programs,
	Thom Fruhwirth (Tech. U. Vienna), Ehud Shapiro (Weizmann),
	Moshe Vardi (IBM-Almaden), and Eyal Yardeni (Weizmann)
14:40  A First-Order Theory of Types and Polymorphism in Logic Programming,
	Michael Kifer and James Wu (Stony Brook)
15:05  Prop revisited: Propositional Formulas as Abstract Domain 
       for Groundness Analysis,
	Agostino Cortesi (Padova), Gilberto File (Padova),
	and William Winsborough (Penn State)
15:30  Constructive Negation for Constraint Logic Programming,
	Peter Stuckey (Melbourne)

BANQUET  at the Maritime Museum

SESSION 12.  9:30-10:45.  Chair: Masahiko Sato (Tohoku)
 9:30  Higher-Order Critical Pairs,
	Tobias Nipkow (Cambridge)
 9:55  Executable Higher-Order Algebraic Specification,
	Jean-Pierre Jouannaud (Paris XI) and Mitsuhiro Okada (Concordia)
10:20  Defaults and Revision in Structured Theories,
	Mark Ryan (Imperial College)

SESSION 13.  11:15-12:55.  Chair: Ursula Goltz (GMD)
11:15  Actions Speak Louder than Words: Proving Bisimilarity for 
       Context-Free Processes,
	Hans Huttel and Colin Stirling (Edinburgh)
11:40  On the Relationship between Process Algebra and Input/Output Automata,
	Frits Vaandrager (MIT)
12:05  A Compositional Proof System for Dynamic Process Creation,
	Frank de Boer (Eindhoven)
12:30  A Partial Approach to Model Checking,
	Patrice Godefroid and Pierre Wolper (Liege)


LICS General Chair: Albert R. Meyer
1991 Conference Co-Chairs: Jan Willem Klop and Roel de Vrijer
1991 Program Chair: Gilles Kahn
Publicity Chair: Daniel Leivant
Local Organizers: Mieke Brune and Frans Snijders

G. Kahn (chair), S. Abiteboul, S. Abramsky, K. Apt, J. Bergstra, 
V. Breazu-Tannen, S. Buss, R. Constable, P.-L. Curien, N. Dershowitz, 
P. Dybjer, U. Goltz, G. Longo, G. Mints, A. Pitts, S. Ronchi Della Rocca,
M. Sato, U. Shapiro, B. Steffen.

A. Meyer (chair), M. Abadi, J. Barwise, M. Blum, A. Chandra, 
R. Constable (chair elect), E. Engeler, J. Gallier, J. Goguen, 
Y. Gurevich, S. Hayashi, D. Johnson, G. Kahn, J.W. Klop, Ph. Kolaitis,
D. Kozen, D. Leivant, Z. Manna, G. Mints, J. Mitchell, Y. Moschovakis, 
R. Parikh, G. Plotkin, G. Rozenberg, D. Scott, J. Tiuryn, R. de Vrijer.