MFPS91 conference

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 91 13:52:31 EST
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			March 25-28, 1991
		    Carnegie Mellon University
		    School of Computer Science
		       Pittsburgh, Pa 15213

This conference is the seventh in a series intended to bring together 
computer scientists and mathematicians for discussion of research problems, 
results and directions in programming language semantics. 
A major goal of the series is to provide a forum for researchers in all 
areas surrounding semantics to report on their research progress, 
and to improve communication and interactions between mathematicians and 
computer scientists who work in these areas. 
The conference covers a broad range of topics related to programming language
semantics, including:

	Order-theoretic, topological and categorical approaches
	Applications to programming language design and implementation
	Program analysis and verification
	Theory of concurrency
	Types and polymorphism

The program committee for MFPS91 includes:

	Samson Abramsky,  Imperial College
	Boumediene Belkhouche,  Tulane University
	Bard Bloom,  Cornell University
	Stephen Brookes,  Carnegie Mellon University
	Carl Gunter,  University of Pennsylvania
	Michael Main, University of Colorado
	Austin Melton, Kansas State University
	Michael Mislove,  Tulane University
	John Mitchell,  Stanford University
	Philip Mulry,  Colgate University
	Frank Oles,  IBM Yorktown Heights
	Ana Pasztor,  Florida International University
	Frank Pfenning,  Carnegie Mellon University
	Bill Roscoe,  Oxford University
	Edmund Robinson,  Sussex University
	Andre Scedrov,  University of Pennsylvania
	David Schmidt,  Kansas State University
	Robert Tennent,  Queens University

Austin Melton and Michael Main are the chairmen of the program committee.

The two conference chairmen for MFPS91 are 
	Stephen Brookes (CMU) 
	Michael Mislove (Tulane University)

The organizers of MFPS are pleased to acknowledge the support
of the Office of Naval Research (Computer Science Division).

The CONFERENCE PROGRAM and LOCAL ARRANGEMENTS details will be announced 
in separate messages.