Contact improvisation is a dance form in which physical contact is the basis for improvisatory exploration. More information about CI can be found here.

Check the calendar below and/or the Contact Improvisation Philadelphia Facebook Page for upcoming events.

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Regular CI events in Philly (as of Spring/Summer 2017)...

  • Sunday drop-in CI class
    Every Sunday from 1 to 3 PM, $10, at Headlong Studios
    1170 S. Broad Street, near the Broad and Federal Septa Stop
    Please arrive in time to be dressed and ready to dance at 1.
    Mixed-level class with rotating teachers -- great for beginners!
  • Thursday evening jam
    Every Thursday, 7-9pm, $5-$10 (sliding scale), at Headlong Studios
    1170 S. Broad Street, near the Broad and Federal Septa Stop
    Doors open at 6:50pm; opening circle and guided warm-up into jam shortly after 7.
    Facilitated by Loren Groenendaal, Benjamin Pierce, and Megan Wilson Stern
    All levels welcome, but those new to the form may want to start with a few Sunday classes.
  • Seasonal Underscore
    Date and time will vary (look for announcements on the mailing list or visit the Philadelphia Underscore Facebook Page), but is usually around the Solstices and Equinoxes, usually on Saturday afternoon. See the calendar below and watch the mailing list for updates. A talkthrough is given prior to each jam to familiarize participants with the structure of the score. (It is highly recommended to attend a talkthrough before participating in the Underscore.) Facilitated by Loren Groenendaal and Megan Wilson Stern.
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