CIS 460 / CIS 560

Dr. Norman I. Badler

Fall 2015
MW 1:30-3 pm
Levine 101: Wu & Chen Auditorium


A working knowledge of C++ programming is required (one year programming experience in general). Knowledge of vector geometry is useful.


Course Objectives:

Graphics Workstations:

We will use PCs located in SEAS labs.

Course Format:

There will be several programming assignments to promote familiarity with 3D graphical software concepts. There are open book/open quizzes and an open book/open Notes final exam.

The grading is based approximately 60% on the homework, 20% on the quizzes, and 20% on the final exam. No incompletes will be issued for the course. Assignments must be done individually; there are no team projects. Students are expected to know and abide by Penn's Code of Academic Integrity.

Syllabus (2015)