Medha Atre

Post-doctoral researcher (Oct. 2011 - present)
Computer and Information Science,
University of Pennsylvania,
Philadelphia, PA

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I am a post-doctoral researcher at Penn Database Group and Prof. Zack Ives is my advisor.

I did my Ph.D. from Dept. of Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (Jan 2007 - Aug 2011). Prof. James A. Hendler was my thesis advisor and I was affiliated to Tetherless World Constellation. I also collaborated with Prof. Mohammed J. Zaki from time to time.


The general focus of my research until now has been in -- efficient querying over graph databases (centralized and distributed), practical and theoretical aspects of join (conjunctive) query optimization, multi-query optimization etc.
I have also been getting more interested in the following topics -- Distributed Green clusters, Music mining, Information and coding theory.

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Dilip Atre

Dilip Atre (my father)

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I am a big fan of music in its various forms, some of my favorite songs having great music and equally good lyrics are:
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Something that I observed: Beatles - I wanna hold your hand and then watch Dekho Abb Toh (a Hindi song from Bollywood). Natalie Cole - This Will Be and then watch Kaisi Paheli Hain
A favorite Ph.D. comic: Grad Student Etiquette (Ph.D. Comic)

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