Amir Roth
Associate Professor
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
3330 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6389

email: amir at,
phone: 215.573.0175, fax: 215.573.8190
office: 603 Levine, office hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 1:30-3 or by appointment
CV: full, two-page

If you need to reach me, but cannot, you can contact Marissa Mele. Here is her info:
office: 312 Levine, email: melema at

Are you doing research that involves simulating multi-program workloads? If you are, you might want to consider using FIESTA as your workload construction methodology. FIESTA is simple, makes it possible to directly compare different multi-program experiments, and yields un-skewed, easy to interpret results. We are currently working to extend FIESTA to multi-threaded applications and on a SimPoint-like tool that will generate individually representative FIESTA workloads. We welcome any comments you may have on FIESTA.

My research interests are in the broad area of computer architecture and in the somewhat narrower sub-area of microprocessor and memory system design. My students and I are part of the architecture and compilers group (ACG) which I co-lead with Prof. Milo Martin. Here is a list of my current and former PhD students and the projects they are working on:

Would you like to add your name to this list? Here is some information for prospective students.

Here are some recent publications and here is a complete (if not always up-to-date) list. Note, these papers are copyrighted by ACM or IEEE; please respect these copyrights and do not distribute copies of these papers for any commercial purpose.

This Semester I am teaching CIS 240: Introduction to Computer Systems. Here are some other courses I have taught:

By the way, I am a great teacher (or not) and my students treat me with a mixture of respect, love, and whipped cream. Or am I a great teacher? Well, at least I used to be. See for yourself (if you have PennKey that is).

Starting Jan. 2009, I am the undergraduate chair of the Computer and Information Science Department. Kids, meet the new boss.

I've been told that I am "unapproachable". Indirectly, of course. Nobody will approach you and tell you that you are unapproachable. Well, baloney. I'm just a regular guy.