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Undergraduate Summer Research @ CIS

Undergraduate Summer Research Program 2014

The goal of the Undergraduate Summer Research program is to encourage students, particularly CIS undergraduates, to get involved in research with faculty mentors early in their careers.  Students work with a faculty member and a graduate student mentor throughout the summer with the goal of producing an identifiable research result.  Participating students can receive either course credit or a stipend.  The program is open to University of Pennsylvania undergraduates majoring in CIS and related fields.


Please contact Jackie Cailman for details.


Here are the winners from our

CIS Undergraduate Research Poster Events


2013: The students made unposters and here are our equally recognized winners:

George Chen - Model-Based Conformance Testing for Implantable Pacemakers
(Advisor:  Rahul Mangharam)

Kai Ninomiya - Constraint-Aware Navigation in Dynamic Environments
(Advisor:  Norm Badler)

Hamidhasan Ahmed - Implementing Explicit Type Application in Haskell
(Advisor:  Stephanie Weirich)

Nick DiStefano - Study Snake - A Flash-Card App for Android
(Advisor:  Chris Murphy)

Teresa Fan - Evaluating Perceived Trust from Procedurally Animated Gaze
(Advisor:  Norm Badler)



 1st Place   - Nathan Marshak

                    "Coordinating Full-body Character Controllers With Shadows"



 1st Place   - Kaitlin Pollock

                    "A Data Driven Exhaustion Model for Human Motion" (Advisors: Joe Kider

                     and Alla Safanova)

  2nd Place - Yonas Solomon

                    "Sentiment Analysis of Online Social Media" (Advisor: Lyle Ungar)

                     Funded by NSF/LSAMP Program.
  3rd Place - Casey Davis

                     "Crowdsourcing Image Annotation for Human Pose Estimation"

                      (Advisor: Ben Taskar; Grad Student Advisor:  Ben Sapp)



 1st Place - Samantha Raja

                    "Simulation of Fruit Senescence and Decay" (Advisor: Norm Badler)

  2nd Place - Zachary Meister

                    "Object Recognition in Videos Using Chordiograms " (Advisor: Ben Taskar)
  3rd Place - Jessica Wetstone

                     "Subgraph Matching w/Voronoi Graph Spatial Representation "

                      (Advisor: Kostas Daniilidis)


 1st Place - Jiawei Matteus Pan

                    "Scene Recognition in Movies" (Advisor: Ben Taskar)

 2nd Place - Andrew Matas

                     "Scene Recognition in Videos" (Advisor: Ben Taskar)
 3rd Place - Mihai Oprea

                     "Declarative Toolkit for Rapid Network Protocol Simulation and

                       Experimentation" (Advisor: Boon Loo)