CIS Systems Seminar
Fall 2007

Fridays, 12:45 PM, Levine 307


Schedule of Topics

September 14

Kickoff Session


September 21

Should Computer Scientists Experiment More?


September 28

Cache Replacement Paper Experimental Comparison (paper1, paper2)


October 5

Proof-Carrying Code (PL)

Karl Mazurak and Brian Aydemir

October 12

Self-Tuning Database Systems (DB)

Nick Taylor, Greg Karvounarakis, TJ Green

October 19

Speculative Lock Elision (Architecture)

Arun Raghavan, Colin Blundell

October 26

**No Seminar -- Faculty Retreat**

November 2

CPU and FPGA Trends in Sustainable Floating-Point...
(Reconfigurable Architectures)

Nachiket Kapre and Michael DeLorimier

November 9

XORs In The Air: Practical Wireless Network Coding (Networking)


November 16

Resource Partitioning Among Real-Time Applications (Real-time Systems)

Madhukar, Arvind

November 23



November 30

The Design of the Borealis Stream Processing Engine (DB)

Mengmeng, Svilen


Cyber-Physical Systems



Paper discussions will start at 1:00PM.

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