Graduate Student Fellowships & Aid

J.P. Eckert Fellowship for Masters Students in the CGGT, CIS, DATS, EMBS, MCIT, and Robotics Programs

Note that MCIT Online students are not eligible for this scholarship.

The J.P. Eckert Fellowship honors J. Presper Eckert, co-inventor of
the first general-purpose electronic digital computer, ENIAC, at the
University of Pennsylvania.

This Fellowship will provide six outstanding master's students who are
U.S. citizens or U.S. permanent residents $10,000 towards tuition. The
purpose of the Fellowship is to provide financial support to masters
students and to support the University’s interest in obtaining
educational benefits by promoting student body diversity. Each
fellowship applicant’s qualifications shall be considered
individually; in addition, in awarding the fellowships, consideration
shall be given to the applicant’s socioeconomic and educational
background and/or status as a member of an underrepresented minority
group, so long as such consideration is necessary and appropriate in
keeping with the University’s goal of obtaining educational benefits
by promoting student body diversity. The University may modify or
disregard any selection criteria if determined  to be contrary to law
or then existing University policy.

All incoming and existing masters students in CIS-affiliated masters
programs (CGGT, CIS, DATS, EMBS, MCIT, and Robotics) with at least two
semesters remaining in the program are eligible to apply for the J.P.
Eckert Fellowship. Applications will be due in August each year.
Selected winners will be announced in September. All applications have
to submit their resume, current transcript as well as a one-page
statement of purpose on diversity and outreach in STEM fields.
Incoming masters students can apply using the undergraduate
transcripts they used for admissions.

The six selected masters students will be designated as “Eckert
Fellows”. During the fellowship year, fellows will have the
opportunity to share their thoughts with the Director of CIS
Diversity, and to participate in recruitment and outreach activities.
Selected students will be awarded $3000 towards tuition for the first
semester of the fellowship, and $7000 towards tuition for the second
semester of the fellowship.