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The goal of the research is to develop a framework and the support tools for the deployment of multiple autonomous robots in an unstructured and unknown environment with applications to reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition, and the removal of explosive ordnance. The current state-of-the-art in control software allows for supervised autonomy, a paradigm in which a human user can command and control one robot using teleoperation and close supervisory control. The objective here is to develop the software framework and tools for a new generation of autonomous robots.

The main components are the methodology and the software that will enable robots to:
     (a) Exhibit deliberative and reactive behaviors in autonomous operation
     (b) Be reprogrammed by a human operator at run-time
     (c) Learn and adapt to unstructured, dynamic environments and new tasks
     (d) Provide performance guarantees

The architecture and the tools will be scalable to tens and hundreds of robots and allow a single human operator to control an entire fleet of autonomous robots.