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RTAS 2005: Accepted Papers

A Distributed Real-time Embedded Application for Surveillance, Detection, and Tracking of Time Critical Targets
  Joseph Loyall, Richard Schantz, David Corman, James Paunicka, Sylvester Fernandez
A Model and Methodology for Composition QoS Analysis of Embedded Systems
  Hui Ma, Dongfeng Wang, Farokh Bastani
A Novel Framework for Quality-Aware Resource Management in Phased Array Radar Systems
  Chang-Gun Lee
A Platform-Independent Component Modeling Language for Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems
  Krishnakumar Balasubramanian, Jaiganesh Balasubramanian, Jeff Parsons, Aniruddha Gokhale and Douglas C. Schmidt
A Real-Time Performance Comparison of Distributable Threads and Event Channels
  Yuanfang Zhang, Bryan Thrall, Stephen Torri, Christopher Gill, and Chenyang Lu
An Adaptive Locality-Conscious Process Scheduler for Embedded Systems
  Guilin Chen, Guangyu Chen, Ozcan Ozturk, Mahmut Kandemir
An Approach for Designing Reusable, Embedded Software Components for Spacecraft Flight Instruments.
  D. Mathur, B.W. Edwards, J. Goldstein, H. Nguyen, J. Pine, B.A. Plante, J.C. Thacker, C. Hoover
An Aspect-Oriented Development Method for Embedded Control Systems An Aspect-Oriented Development Method for Embedded Control Systems with Time-Triggered and Event-Triggered Processing
  Takanori Yokoyama
Application-driven Optimization of VLIW Architectures: a Hardware-Software approach
  Alberto Ferrante, Giuseppe Piscopo, and Stefano Scaldaferri
Applying Sensitivity Analysis in Real-Time Distributed Systems
  Razvan Racu and Marek Jersak and Rolf Ernst
Bounding Worst-Case Data Cache Behavior by Analytically Deriving Cache Reference Patterns
  Harini Ramaprasad, Frank Mueller
Characterizing Workload Correlations in Multi Processor Hard Real-Time Systems
  Ernesto Wandeler and Lothar Thiele
Code Generation from Embedded Control Models
  Rajeev Alur Arun Chandrashekharapuram
Convoy driving through ad-hoc coalition formation
  Majid Ali Khan and Ladislau Boloni
Design and Performance of Configurable Endsystem Scheduling Mechanisms
  Tejasvi Aswathanarayana, Venkita Subramonian, Douglas Niehaus and Christopher Gill
Diff-EDF: Differentiated EDF Service
  HaiFeng Zhu, John P. Lehoczky, Jeffery P. Hansen, Ragunathan Rajkumar
Energy-aware Task Allocation for Rate Monotonic Scheduling
  Tarek A. AlEnawy, Hakan Aydin
Enhancing Feedback Control Scheduling Performance by On-line Quantification and Suppression of Measurement Disturbance
  Mehdi Amirijoo, Jörgen Hansson, Svante Gunnarsson, and Sang H. Son
Exact Admission-Control for Integrated Aperiodic and Periodic Tasks
  Björn Andersson and Cecilia Ekelin
Feedback-Based Dynamic Frequency Scaling for Memory-Bound Real-Time Applications
  Christian Poellabauer, Leo Singleton, Karsten Schwan
From functional blocks to the synthesis of the architectural model in embedded real-time applications
  Cesare Bartolini, Giuseppe Lipari, Marco Di Natale
Heuristic resource allocation strategies for embedded systems with continuous mode changes
  Silke Schomann, Klaus Ecker, Dennis Stankovic
Hybrid Supervisory Utilization Control of Real-Time Systems
  Xenofon Koutsoukos, Radhika Tekumalla, Balachandran Natarajan, Chenyang Lu
Implementing Application specific RTOS policies using Reflection
  Ameet Patil and Neil Audsley
Improved schedulability analysis of real-time transactions with earliest deadline scheduling
  Rodolfo Pellizzoni and Giuseppe Lipari
Improving WCET by Optimizing Worst-Case Paths
  Wankang Zhao, William Kreahling, David Whalley, Christopher Healy, Frank Mueller
Integrated CORBA Scheduling and Resource Management for Distributed Real-Time Embedded Systems
  Kevin Bryan, Lisa C. DiPippo, Victor Fay-Wolfe, Matthew Murphy, Jiangyin Zhang, David T. Fleeman, David W. Juedes, Chang Liu, Lonnie R. Welch, Douglas Niehaus, and Christopher D. Gill
Lazy Locking Technique for Improving Real-time Performance of Embedded Linux by Prediction of Timer Interrupt
  Jupyung Lee and Kyu-Ho Park
Model-Driven Techniques for Evaluating the QoS of Middleware Configurations for DRE Systems
  Arvind S. Krishna, Emre Turkaye, Aniruddha Gokhale, Douglas C. Schmidt
Multiprocessor Resource Allocation for Hard-real-time Streaming with a Dynamic job-mix
  Orlando Moreira, Jan David Mol, Marco Bekooij, Jef van Meerbergen
Network QoS Assurance in a Multi-Layer Adaptive Resource Management Scheme for Mission-Critical Applications using the CORBA Middleware Framework
  B. Dasarathy, S. Gadgil, R. Vaidyanathan, K. Parmeswaran, and B. Coan, Telcordia Technologies, and M. Conarty and V. Bhanot, PrismTech
On Schedulability Bounds of Static Priority Schedulers
  Jianjia Wu, Jyh-Charn Liu, and Wei Zhao
On-line timestamping synchronization in distributed sensor architectures
  Olivier Bezet and Véronique Cherfaoui
Optimal Route Planning Algorithm based on Real Time Traffic Information
Optimal Time-variant Resource Allocation for Internet Servers with Delay Constraints
  Xiliang Zhong, Cheng-Zhong Xu, Minghua Xu
Out-of-Norm Assertions
  P. Peti, R. Obermaisser, H. Kopetz
Power-Aware Processor Scheduling under Average Delay Constraints
  Fan Zhang and Samuel T. Chanson
Practical On-line DVS Scheduling for Fixed-Priority Real-Time Systems
  Bren Mochocki, Xiaobo Sharon Hu and Gang Quan
Priority Refinement for Dependent Tasks in Large Embedded Real-Time Software
  Jeffrey R. Merrick, Shige Wang, Kang G. Shin
Process Resurrection: A Fast Recovery Mechanism for Real-Time Embedded Systems
  Kihwal Lee and Lui Sha
Real-Time Component-based Systems
  Shengquan Wang, Sangig Rho, Zhibin Mai, Riccardo Bettati, and Wei Zhao
Real-Time Sampled Signal Flows through Asynchronous Distributed Systems
  Steve Vestal
Robust control/scheduling co-design: application to robot control
  Daniel Simon, David Robert and Olivier Sename
Scalable QoS-Based Resource Allocation in Hierarchical Networked Environment
  Sourav Ghosh, Ragunathan (Raj) Rajkumar, Jeffery Hansen, John Lehoczky
Scheduling Messages with Deadlines in Multi-hop Real-time Sensor Networks
  Huan Li, Prashant Shenoy, Krithi Ramamritham
Solution Space for Fixed-Priority with Preemption Threshold
  Jiongxiong Chen and Ashif Harji and Peter Buhr
Systematic Debugging of Real-Time Systems based on Incremental Satisfiability Counting
  Stefan ANDREI, Wei-Ngan CHIN, Albert M.K. CHENG, and Mihai LUPU
Timed RTOS Modeling for Embedded System Design
  Zhengting He, Aloysius Mok, Cheng Peng
Timing Analysis for Sensor Network Nodes of the Atmega Processor Family
  Sibin Mohan, Frank Mueller, David Whalley, Christopher Healy
Timing analysis of TCP servers for surviving denial-of-service attacks
  V Krishna Nandivada and Jens Palsberg
Towards an Understanding of the Behavior of the Single Parent Rule in the RTSJ Scoped Memory Model
  M. Teresa Higuera-Toledano
Towards Efficient Use of Shared Communication Media in the Timed Model
  Guido Menkhaus, Michael Holzmann, Sebastian Fischmeister, Claudiu Farcas
VPN Gateways over Network Processors: Implementation and Evaluation
  Yi-Neng Lin, Chiuan-Hung Lin, Ying-Dar Lin, and Yuan-Chen Lai

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