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Network QoS Assurance in a Multi-Layer Adaptive Resource Management Scheme for Mission-Critical Applications using the CORBA Middleware Framework

B. Dasarathy, S. Gadgil, R. Vaidyanathan, K. Parmeswaran, and B. Coan, Telcordia Technologies, and M. Conarty and V. Bhanot, PrismTech

Presented at IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium (RTAS 2005), San Francisco, California, March 7 - 10, 2005


We present adaptive network QoS (Quality of Service) technology that provides ongoing, end-to-end assurance that critical traffic belonging to admitted flows has bounded queuing loss, delay, and jitter. Our technology uses a Bandwidth Broker to provide admission control, and leverages differentiated services and Class of Service functionality of high-end routers and switches for enforcement. The technology employs an integrated QoS treatment across a hybrid layer-2/layer-3 network and adapts to changes in mission requirements, work load and configurations; uses discovery algorithms in these layers to maintain a current view of resource availability. Under the DARPA ARMS (Adaptive and Reflective Middleware Systems) program, our technology is being developed, integrated and validated in a CORBA-based multi-layer resource management framework.

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