On-Campus MCIT Program Degree Requirements

Students are allowed a maximum of seven years to complete the MCIT degree program.

Course Requirements

It is expected that full-time MCIT students will take the six required courses during the first two semesters of enrollment and four electives during their second year.

The MCIT degree program requires the completion of ten course units comprising:

6 Required Courses

MCIT students must complete all six of the following courses:

CIT 591, 592, and 593 are offered in the Fall semester only. They are the prerequisites for CIT 594, 596, and 595, respectively, which are offered in the Spring semester only.

Courses can be waived or replaced only with the permission of the instructor. As of Fall 2016, students must pass a proficiency exam in order to waive a course. All MCIT courses must be completed (or waivers obtained) during the first semester that the course is offered during the student's time in the program. Students may not waive or replace more than two required MCIT courses. Courses that are waived need to be replaced with a suitable alternative.

4 Elective Courses

MCIT students must also complete four graduate-level (500 or higher) electives. At least three must be a CIS course; one may be an approved non-CIS course. The following courses are recommended for all MCIT students:

  • CIS 550 Database and Information Systems
  • CIS 555 Internet and Web Systems
  • CIS 573 Software Engineering
  • CIS 557 Programming for the Web

Additional suitable courses include:

  • CIS 502 Analysis of Algorithms
  • CIS 505 Software Systems
  • CIS 519 Introduction to Machine Learning
  • CIS 551 Computer and Network Security
  • CIS 552 Advanced Programming
  • CIS 553 Networked Systems
  • CIS 554 Programming Paradigms
  • CIS 559 Programming and Problem Solving

Click here for all CIS graduate course options.

One course from the list of pre-approved non CIS graduate courses, found here, may be used as an elective. Graduate courses offered in other departments may count as an elective with the prior approval of the MCIT program director; in general, such courses must have a strong technical component in order to be approved.

Cumulative GPA

A minimum GPA of 2.7 for master's students must be maintained in order to be considered in good academic standing. If this minimum is not maintained, academic probation or dismissal from the program will be invoked. A 2.7 final GPA must be achieved to graduate in all situations.

Continuing in the Master of Science in Computer & Information Science (CIS/MSE) Program

MCIT students may apply to continue in the Master of Science in Engineering in Computer & Information (CIS/MSE) program. Students pursuing this dual degree route need to satisfy a minimum GPA requirement, have earned a high grade in at least one CIS elective, and have completed the majority of the MCIT requirements at the time of applying.  In addition to the ten courses required for the MCIT program, students continuing in the CIS/MSE program need to take six additional CIS graduate courses for a total of sixteen credits; satisfactory completion results in the awarding of the MCIT and CIS/ MSE degrees. Click here to access the CIS/MSE degree requirements. Click here to access the MCIT-CIS/MSE dual degree application.