Robotics Graduate Courses - Fall 2014

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Legend: Days: M=Monday | T=Tuesday | W=Wednesday| R=Thursday | F=Friday

CIS 502/001 Analysis of Algorithms Guha MW 1:30-3 TBA
CIS 520/001   Machine Learning   Ungar MW 10:30-12 TBA
CIS 520/201 Machine Learning Recitation Ungar F 9:30-11 TBA
CIS 530/001 Computational Linguistics Nenkova MW 9-10:30 TBA
CIS 541/401 Embedded Software Lee MW 3-4:30 TBA
CIS 560/401 Computer Graphics Badler MW 1:30-3 TBA
CIS 562/401 Computer Animation Lane TR 3-4:30 TBA
CIS 565/001 GPU Programming & Architecture Cozzi M 6-9 TBA
CIS 581/001 Computer Vision & Computational Photography Shi TR 4:30-6 TBD
EAS 545/401 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Menschik TR 10:30-12 TBA
EAS 545/402 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Babin TR 10:30-12 TBA
EAS 545/403 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Cassel TR 9-10:30 TBA
EAS 545/404 Engineering Entrepreneurship I Vohra TR 9-10:30 TBA
EAS 546/001 Engineering Entrepreneurship II Babin T 4:30-7:30 TBA
EAS 546/002 Engineering Entrepreneurship II Cassel W 4:30-7:30 TBA
ENM 503/001 Introduction to Probability & Statistics Staff M 6-9 TBA
ENM 510/001 Foundations of Engineering Math I Carchidi MW 4:30-6 TBA
ESE 500/001 Linear Systems Theory Carchidi MW 3-4:30 TBA
ESE 504/401 Introduction to Optimization Theory Guignard-Spielb TR 1:30-3 TBA
ESE 504/402 Introduction to Optimization Theory Guignard-Spielb TR 3-4:30 TBA
ESE 519/001 Real Time Embedded Systems Cohen TR 1:30-3 TBA
ESE 530/001 Elements of Probability Theory Venkatesh MW 12-1:30 TBA
ESE 680/001 Special Topics in ESE Staff M 4:30-7:30 TBA
IPD 511/001 Creative Thinking & Design Cho TR 6-7:30 TBA
IPD 515/401 Product Design Robertson T 3-6 TBA
MEAM 510/401 Design of Mechatronic Systems Fiene MW 3-4:30 TBA
MEAM 516/401 ADV Mechatronic Reac Space Yim W 9-12 TBA
MEAM 520/001 Introduction to Robotics Kuchenbecker TR 12-1:30 TBA
MEAM 535/001 Advanced Dynamics Carchidi MW 12-1:30 TBA
MEAM 545/001 Aerodynamics Kothmann MWF 9-10:30 TBA

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